Art and War in East London

On Saturday I went on a little outing to the Hackney museum (a bite-sized gallery attaching to the library at Hackney central) to check out a free exhibition on Art, Propaganda and the First World War.

The propaganda aspects of the exhibition were fairly standard, but I did spot a few posters I’d never seen before.

What interested me the most was seeing photographs and artifacts about the war in Hackney. I’ve lived in East London nearly the entire time I’ve been in the UK, so seeing these places I know so well is a special way of connecting the past I study with my own past and present. Here’s a picture of the opening of the  war memorial hall in Stoke Newington Library, where I spent many afternoons in the early days of my PhD: 

Flag (above) and badge (below) artifacts from North Londoners

Crowds outside one of the first sites to be hit by Zeppelin raids in London, around the corner from where I used to live.

Allotments in Clissold Park, which I have run through countless times:

I was especially interested by this panel about my favourite East London bakery, Percy Ingles!

The exhibition is on until 28 May with slightly anti-working people hours, but it is open on Saturdays and late on Thursdays. It’s worth a special trip if you’re interested in propaganda or East London and the First World War, or it’s the perfect lunchtime stop if you work near Hackney Central.




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