First World War Nursing Study Day at the Wellcome Collection

On Saturday I was lucky to attend a workshop on WWI nursing. Instead of taking notes, I tweeted prolifically. I’ve created a storify of my and everyone else’s tweets which provide a really good overview of the day’s talks. VAD_poster

I learned about a number of really interesting projects, including:

-an upcoming exhibition on ambulance trains at the National Railway Museum

-an upcoming exhibition at Leeds City Museum

-the records of VADs who served during WWI have all been digitized!

-Scott Palmer, who lives in a former Auxiliary hospital, is researching the women who worked there

“Blackberry Tonic” a commemorative art project on WWI in Deal lead by Colin Priest

A moving presentation on the diaries of Edith Appleton, which are online and published as a book

Some of my favourites from the day: this poem, “Come to Me Quickly” by Mary Borden, which I found so moving I’ve now got the volume of Borden’s poetry on order; this funny quote tearing down the stereotypical images of nurses; and some very moving quotes from Edith Appleton’s diaries.

A fascinating and very enjoyable day. Thanks so much to Alison Fell and Alice Kelly to organizing, and to Gateways to the First World War for sponsoring! I wasn’t the only non-academic there, and Gateways is doing great work to engage the public on WWI history. Having a free event, on a Saturday, in London, can only be a good thing!


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